Saturday, January 16, 2010

God loves the sinner right beside you...

A dear friend requested that I publicly share an excerpt from a book that I recently shared with her. It is definitely been an a ha moment for me and for her as well. This excerpt is from "The Friends We keep" by Sarah Zacharias Davis.
the "conversation was about being the best, the one and only person to hold that place of honor in someone's life --- anyone's always bothered me that I would never be God's favorite. No matter how good I was...I would never get to heaven, look into the face of God, and hear God whisper in my ear, "You were always the most special to me of everyone."...we want to be at the top of the heap in someone's world....Sure, God loves you, wholly and truly, but God loves the sinner right beside you just as much....No matter what you do, God will not love you more than anyone else, and you cannot be his favorite, no matter how hard you seek that position or how perfect you are. Now realize that is good news..."
I don't know about you but when I read this I felt as if I had been snapped back into reality. Ouch...

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